Here are some TV series I have written:

Sitcom Ota ja omista (1997, YLE/TV2), five episodes.
Drama-comedy series Vaimonsa mies (2001, YLE/TV2), five episodes.
These old series you may find in Yle Areena.

Drama series Sydänten akatemia (1998, MTV3), in this I worked merely as a dramaturge.

Some short films I have written and directed:

Takatöölö Story, 60 min, fiction, YLE/TV1 (1993).
Heitelläänhän kääpiöitäkin, 29 min, fiction, SES & YLE/TV1 (2006).
Syanidia, suolahappoa ja kukkivaa sekaihoa, 10 min, fiction, AVEK & NELONEN (2008).

I love radio plays and was lucky enough to get a chance to assist the old master Mikael Sievers to write and direct a couple of them several years back. Here, however, is a short radio play
I have both written and directed myself. From the same story I also directed a short film.

Syanidia, suolahappoa ja kukkivaa sekaihoa, 9 min, YLE/RADIOTEATTERI (2008)

Syanidia, suolahappoa ja kukkivaa sekaihoa, 9 min, YLE/RADIOTEATTERI (2008)

I got excited about branded content after seeing the film Sideways (2004), which is a brilliant drama-comedy about two guys – Miles & Jack – taking a week-long road trip to Santa Barbara County wine country to celebrate Jack’s upcoming wedding. A lot of hilarious things happen and – surprise, surprise – a lot of wine is drunk. Some of the wines are poetically praised, some as poetically mocked at. The impact the film had on wine industry was mind-blowing. Pinot Noir (which was especially praised in the film) sales increased 16 % in U.S, while Merlot (which was vividly mocked at) sales dropped 2 %. And even now, years after the film, popular tourist routes follow Miles & Jack’s road-trip through the wine country.

Yep, branded content can indeed be a profitable power tool when properly mastered.

That is to say, when it is executed on terms of the story, and is refined to a sophisticated brand values & mission & soul placement, instead of just trivial and awkward product placement. This kind of deep diving branded content is something I strongly believe in.

Over the years I have done a few branded content experiments.

E.g. for OLVI (independent Finnish brewery) I wrote and directed a tongue-in-cheek made low budget short film Syanidia, suolahappoa ja kukkivaa sekaihoa, which was shown in TV/Nelonen, 2008.

And for ASUNTOMESSUT (Housing Fair Finland) I wrote three TV series 2015-2016: Kautta aikojen kauneimmat asuntomessutalot, Suomen romanttisin makuuhuone and Millan ja Evan asuntomessupoiminnat (parts of these you may still find in Youtube).